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There are 3 fees:
  1. Registration Fee of $19.95 US.
  2. No Monthly Fees only for items sold!
  3. Transaction Fee 4.49% + 5 cents per transaction for files under 100 MB
  4. Disk Space Fee over 250 MB (under 250 MB its free!) See Chart Below

"Bytes Interactive was a fantastic choice for my online business. Making my instructional files available for immediate download made it easier on me and much easier for my customers! The setup was easy - they integrated everything seamlessly with my PayPal account and I was up and running in no time. The support staff have been very friendly and responsive whenever I've had questions, and they made it easy for me to customize my pages for a more professional web presence. They even offered valuable suggestions on improving my search engine ranking! I recommend this service to anyone who sells digital goods online!"

Mannie White

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Songtracks from Cornerstone
"As a somewhat novice, I joined this service with some trepidation. But my fears were soon dispelled as it is so easy to use. The customers service is excellent as when I did have a few minor teething problems, ( my making I would add,), their advice and practical assistance soon had me up and running in no time. I have now have uploaded quite a large amount of files and have never experienced any problems with any file ordered by my customers. I would recommend this service without any hesitation."

Robert O'Donnell
Songtracks from Cornerstone
Transaction Fees Details
Transaction Fee for Files Under 100 MB

4.49 % + 5 cents per transaction 1

Example 1: A file less than 100 MB is sold at $10.00.
Therefore the fee will be: $.45 cents + $.05 cents = $.50 cents .

Example 2: A file less than 100 MB is sold at $2.99.
Minimum transaction fee applies in this case which is
$.25 cents + $.05 cents = $.30 cents. 1

1 Minimum transaction fee is 25 cents + 5 cents per transaction. Any item less than a 100 MB sold at $5.57 or less will have a transaction fee of 25 cents + 5 cents which in total is 30 cents.
Transaction Fee for Large Files Over 100 MB

4.49 % transaction fee applied to the price of the file then 5 cents for each 100 MB

Example 1: A 150 MB file is sold at $10.00.
Therefore the fee will be: $.45 cents + $.10 cents = $.55 cents .

Example 2: A 250 MB file is sold at $10.00.
Therefore the fee will be: $.45 cents + $.15 cents = $.60 cents .

Note I
Seller's minimum price on an item is 99 cents. A seller can sell an item below 99 cents but in our calculations its treated as 99 cents. Also currency conversion applies to what the limit will be.
Note II
These prices do not apply to ezines, eBook Serials or continuous downloads of your digital files. We call this an online subscription and requires a quote.
Note III
The chart is in US dollars. For other currencies the same transaction fees apply but the Monthly Transaction Amount will vary according to the exchange rate.

Disk Space Fees

Disk Space (DS) Monthly Fee
DS <= 250 MB Free
250 MB < DS <= 1 GB $5.00 per month
1 GB < DS <= 4 GB $6.20 per month
4 GB < DS <= 10 GB $9.00 per month
10 GB < DS <= 25 GB $12.50 per month
25 GB < DS <= 50 GB $20.00 per month
> 50 GB Call for details

Registration Fee

Yearly Registration Fee $19.95 US

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