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Sell Digital Goods

Sell Digital Goods Online

Any kind of digital file is good. MP3 audio or music files, Videos of any format, PDF eBooks with water-marking for copyright, images, software, manuals, license keys etc..

Sell Physical Goods

Sell Physical Goods Online

Our service allows one to sell Physical Goods together with Digital Downloads. It will calculate the shipping and/or taxes and allow the download digital files on the same receipt.

Sell Online Ezines

Sell Ezines or Online Subscriptions

Subscriptions of Audio or PDF files are part and a parcel of our secure download service. The customer can simultaneous purchase a Subscription, Digital Download and/or Physical Good.

Test Drive Our Service for Free

Send us one or two digital files. We will create a Test "Buy Now" Button.

  1. If you are selling PDFs, then test our dynamic watermarking process. After you purchase you will see your name and e-mail on the bottom of each page, except for the cover, as follows:

    Prepared for Sammy Smith [email protected] Not authorized for reproduction or distribution.

    If the above watermark is not exactly what you need, then we can also customize it for you.

  2. If you are selling a music album or an audio book composed of many files, then test our selling of digital files as one product. With this method there is no need to zip your files (unless they are extremely big).

  3. Regardless of what digital file you send us for testing you will see how the page flows on different devices and how the payment process works in real-time.

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