How to Sell Files Online-FAQ

Why should I sell files online?

Selling files online can be a lucrative business the market for digital goods is growing exponentially and will be valued at $36 billion by 2014. Now has never been a better time to get involved and sell your files online. Its easy to get started all you need is any kind of file such as digital photos, instructional documents, videos, songs or software.

Why Should I sell files with A Plus Download?

A Plus Download makes selling files online simple and straightforward. Our pricing is fair, we charge a monthly fee of $15 US and 4.49% + 5 cents per transaction. We offer impeccable customer support and help all our merchants both market and sell their files. In short we believe that we are one of the best download delivery services out there and are proud of the services we provide.

Where do I sell my files?

You can sell your files on your website, your social media profile, or your blog. Your files are hosted on our website so we take care of all the technical stuff so you can concentrate on making high-quality digital products. You can sign up here.

When I sell files online how does the customer purchase and download the file?

When you sell files online on your web site or in our online store your customer clicks on the PayPal button and is then brought to our Secure Server, to a checkout page which will show a shopping basket summary of selected items. On the checkout page the customer enters an email address to receive the download instructions. This e-mail address can also be different from their PayPal e-mail address. The customer then clicks on the checkout button to be taken to PayPal's web site where they can choose to pay with a credit card or a PayPal account.

After payment the customer returns to a receipt page on our web site. On the receipt page the customer may click on the download link or links to download the purchased files instantly. The customer also receives an email with a link to a secure web page on our server where they can log in to download the protected file or files. Many times customers purchase their files from work but want to download from home. So it is important to give you customers multiple options of downloading their digital products when you sell files online.

There are a number of security options to use when you sell files online. First, the files are stored on a secure area of the server; inaccessible via the web. Second, one can configure the number of download attempts from 1 and up. Third, one can put a time limit on the download link. Fourth, the customer can be restricted by their IP address and/or browser type. When you sell files we realize that protecting them is of the utmost importance and at A Plus Download we will do our very best to make sure your files are always secure.

In order to show this simple process of purchase we have setup on our web site a demonstration of how to sell files online and you can purchase a file for 1 cent. Its actually an eBook we created to help you protect and secure your PayPal account. When you finish reading the Digital Product Service FAQ we suggest you give the Demo a try.

How does the setup of the service work?

After you register you receive an e-mail with instructions, on how to log in to your publisher's account, and on how to setup PayPal. Once you set up the PayPal we then proceed to complete your account set up and create an FTP account to upload your digital products. You then log in to your Seller's account to access the Cart Data Manager to add the information about your files to our database. This includes descriptions and prices. Also from the Cart Data Manager there is a PayPal Button Generator to create the PayPal Buttons you will need to put onto your web site. There are various PayPal buttons to select from and you can also test out the purchase before putting the PayPal button to sell files on your web site.

How much does it cost to sell files online with A Plus Download?

There is a monthly subscription fee of $15 and a transaction fee for each sale. The transaction fee for each transaction is 4.49% + 5 cents for files under 100 MB and 4.49% + 5 cents per 100 MB for files over 100 MB.

We also provide you up to 3 GB of disk space at no charge.

For further information go to our pricing page on our web site. Here you will find a breakdown of all the charges.

How does payment work?

Payment for your files always goes straight into your PayPal account. The money does not go through us. At the end of each month we send you an invoice with our calculated charges based on your sales. Payment is required within 5 days. Its that simple.

What currencies can one use to receive payment.

Any currency can be used as long it is accepted by PayPal. You can also pay us in any currency of your choice.

Can one customize the checkout and receipt pages.

Yes definitely. We will work with you to customize these pages so that they display your logo and whatever additional information you want to appear. You are welcome to translate the text into any language.

Can one sell a Hard/Soft Cover Book or CD with a digital product.

Yes our PayPal shopping cart can handle both hard goods together with your files. A hard good can be product such as a Hard/Soft Cover Book, CD or service such as a registration to a teleclass. There are also various shipping solutions available.

We also offer customization if you require a customized digital download solution.

Now take a few minutes to review the contents of our web site, check the pricing, try the Demo then register and start selling your files today!

Thank-you we hope to hear from you soon.


We have provided a number of tutorials listed above which further explain how to sell digital downloads online. Please read them over and sign up today.

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