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How to Sell Downloads

If you are looking to sell your digital downloads online A Plus Download provides a platform for you to safely and securely sell downloads with no monthly fees. Whether you would like to sell music, eBooks, videos, software, images, documents, or PDF files, A Plus Download allows sellers to seamlessly sell downloads to customers and receive payment through PayPal instantly after purchase.

Fair and Honest Pricing

A Plus Download believes that we should only win when you win and that is why we charge no monthly fees. We charge and $19.95 yearly registration fee and a 4.49% + 5 cents per transaction fee. This means there is very little upfront risk on your part when you sell downloads using our service.

Security Matters

When you sell downloads using A Plus Download you can rest assured that your digital products are completely secure. When you register with us and upload your downloads to our server only your paying customers will be able to access your digital downloads. After your customers purchase your digital products they will be able download the file instantly and they will also receive an e-mail to log in and download their files. Your digital products are protected because you can restrict the number of download attempts and/or the expiry date to download the files, limiting your customers ability to copy and share your digital downloads. At A Plus Download we promise that when you decide to sell Digital Goods with us we will do our best to ensure your product is always protected.

Currency and International Support

Your Digital Downloads are supported by 24 currencies and several different languages giving your digital product a global reach. The language we support are English, Spanish, Chinese and French with many more coming soon.

Customer Support

When you sell downloads it is vital that your digital products are securely available for purchase 24/7. That is why at A Plus Download we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Unlike many other companies in our industry, our Customer Support Agents will get to know who you are and how to customize your services to best suit your needs. We provide a toll free customer support phone line you can reach 9-7 EST and if you cannot reach us by phone then send us an email and we will respond quickly.

Sales Support

When you sell your digital downloads on your website, our consultants will help you sell your downloads every step of the way. Our digital download service integrates with the affiliate program clixGalore so you can allow people who promote your downloads to be rewarded. We also provide tools to sellers to set-up stores on Facebook and promote products on Twitter giving support for full social media integration. We are committed to impeccable sales support and helping to show our customers how to effectively sell their downloads online.

Format Support

At A Plus Download we support all formats and all file sizes. Your eBooks can be an Adobe PDF, an ePub or any other eBook format. Videos can be downloaded as an mp4, mp3, m4v, mpeg, flv, wmv and so on. Additionally we do not place limit on file size for both Audio or Video Downloading. That means your customers can download as much and as frequently as you want.

Special Services: Manage Subscriptions

At A Plus Download we are one of the only digital download services that allows you to easily create and manage subscription services. A subscription service could be an online ezine - digital magazine, updates to a governement or technical manual, an ongoing serial of a story published on a regular basis, or a calender based series such as an astrology subscription. Subscriptions can be configured by the number of months which can include as many issues as you require. Also customers that purchase a subscription can either access all previous issues or only the last issue published. Further your subscription customers will always have access to our customer support.

What you need to get started

All you need to start selling digital downloads is any kind of digital product whether it is an instruction manual, eBook, PDF File, movie, photographs, music, or software our service makes it easy to sell digital downloads. If you have a website you can integrate our pay to download service directly into your site, blog or social media profile. We charge no monthly fees so there is very little upfront risk on your part. Its very quick to set-up an A Plus Download account.

Marketing Matters

To successfully sell downloads you must effectively research your target market. Ask yourself what type of person would use or benefit from this product. Once you have decided on your demographic you should start an advertising campaign. Using Google Adwords or Facebook's Advertising platform is a good start to market your product to your demographic. Also try some Search Engine Optimization tactics to have your products ranked high in google searches.
We have provided a number of tutorials listed below which further explain how to sell digital downloads online. Please read them over and sign up today. Remember you pay no monthly fees so you have absolutely nothing to lose!

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