How to Sell eBooks online

Are you looking to break into the potentially lucrative eBook market? How To Sell E-Books On Line If so A Plus Download can help. We provide an all inclusive eBook solution service making it simple for you to sell eBooks online. Whether you are looking to convert your print books into an eBook format or if you already have eBooks ready to publish our eBook solution makes selling electronic books both easy and intuitive.

Identify your Readership

When you sell eBooks it is important that you understand your topic of choice and that your provide meaningful insights and enjoyment to your readers. For example, if you're a math whiz, write a math tutorial eBook, if you're a dating and relationship expert, write an eBook about dating or a romance novel. When you write about what is important to you and you provide people who share your interests with valuable information, people will have a reason to buy your eBooks.

Pricing your eBook

When you decide to sell eBooks it is imperative that you price your eBooks appropriately. If you price them too high for your audience then you will not make any sales, but if you price them to low; your eBook will look cheap and you will not earn a substantial profit. They key is to know what your readership is willing to pay. Different audiences will pay different amounts for different topics. For example, niche business related books with a generally wealthy older target audience will command higher prices than young adult novels aimed at younger age group who generally have less disposable income. Remember to make money selling eBooks you must know what your audience is willing to pay.

Reaching Customers

Once you have figured out a topic for your eBook and the type of reader that will enjoy or benefit from it you need to think about how you are going to reach your target readers and turn them into customers. At A Plus Download we realize the challenges that eBook vendors face when selling their eBooks and that is why we provide all eBook merchants with an SEO optimized store (coming soon ...) from which they can sell eBooks and an affiliate program they can use (through to help them improve their sales. Also we are committed to helping all eBook merchants increase their customer base and will help them set up advertising campaigns on search engines such as Google and help them promote their eBooks on Facebook and other social media. Making sure all our eBook merchants have the proper tools and knowledge to effectively sell eBooks is part of our commitment to your success. This is because if our merchants don't make money neither do we. Click on the following link to learn more about how to sell downloads click here.

Delivery System

When selling eBooks you need an efficient delivery system so that you customers receive their electronic books or documents after purchase. A Plus Download allows you to automatically deliver purchased eBooks to your customers after purchase. You do not need to manually email your customers links as they access your eBooks through our server saving you time and money.

eBook Conversion Service

If you have a book that has not yet been converted into a digital format we can help you convert your documents. We have relationships with eBook conversion services and can provide you with a packaged deal for a top-quality conversion with our digital delivery service. Our service service supports all eBook formats and we can assist you in this conversion process. Sign up today and start selling your eBooks today!


We have provided a number of tutorials listed above which further explain how to sell digital downloads online. Please read them over and sign up today.

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