Yearly Registration Fee of $19.95 US

Transaction Fee for Files Under 100 MB

4.49 % + 5 cents per transaction 1

Transaction Fee for Large Files Over 100 MB

4.49 % transaction fee applied to the price of the file then 5 cents for each 100 MB
Disk Space Fee
Disk Space (DS) Monthly Fee
DS <= 250 MB Free
250 MB < DS <= 1 GB $5.00 per month
1 GB < DS <= 4 GB $6.20 per month
4 GB < DS <= 10 GB $9.00 per month
10 GB < DS <= 25 GB $12.50 per month
25 GB < DS <= 50 GB $20.00 per month
> 50 GB Call for details

As a Seller all payments go directly into your PayPal account. The Seller pays us only at the 1st of each month for the previous month.


a) Seller's minimum price on an item is 99 cents. A seller can sell an item below 99 cents but in our calculations its treated as 99 cents. Also currency conversion applies to what the limit will be.

b) These prices do not apply to ezines, eBook Serials or continuous downloads of your digital files. We call this an online subscription and requires a quote.

c) The chart is in US dollars. For other currencies the same transaction fees apply but the Monthly Transaction Amount will vary according to the exchange rate.