E-commerce Hosting Agreement

A+ Download Digital Goods Delivery Service with PayPal

New Registrations are now being accepted. If you are interested in using our service then follow the 5 steps below:

  1. Go to our Demo Page and try at least one of the demonstrations. It is imperative that you like how the purchase process works with our service.

  2. A PayPal Business account is required. If you do not have one then contact PayPal . If you already have a personal account then request PayPal to upgrade your account.

  3. If you plan to sell from your website, then you need to makes sure it is SSL compliant. Many website owners do not realize that SSL is today the de facto norm and essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You do not need an expensive SSL certificate. An inexpensive one can be purchased from Rapid SSL. Also, contact your web hosting company about the installation of an SSL certificate. Many hosting companies offer it for free. You can validate and test your website for SSL compliance by visiting Why No Padlock?

  4. Make sure what you sell is either your original material and/or material you have persmission to sell. In other words, that there is absolutely no copyright infringement.

  5. If the first 4 steps are good, and most importantly, you are ready to sell, then contact us at support @ bytesinteractive.com and express your interest in working with our service and joining our community of artists, authors and entrepreneurs.